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The Eparchial Curia

Msgr. Jobby Pozholiparambil : Protosyncellus
Msgr. Dr. Jose Irimpan : Syncelli
Msgr. Anto Thachil : Syncelli
Msgr. Lazar Kuttikadan : Syncelli
Dr. Clement Chirayath : Chancellor
Dr.  Nevin Attokaran : Vice-Chancellor
Fr. Renil Karathra : Vice-Chancellor
Fr. Varghese Arikatt (Jr.) : Finance Officer
Abraham J Alappat : Asst. Finance Officer
Fr. Sinto Madavana : Secretary to the Bishop
Sr. Hannah Rose FCC : Curia Secretary
Sr. Caroline AO : Asst. Archivist
Sr. Teji CPS : Hose Administrator