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Bless A Home Charitable Trust

An integrated Family Development project from the Diocese of Irinjalakuda.

18th April 2010! An unforgettable day inscribed in golden letters in the annals of the Diocese of Irinjalakuda, a red letter day when the retiring Bishop Mar James Pazhayattil, the pastor who led the flock for over three decades, consecrated and installed Mar Pauly Kannookadan as the new Bishop and took over the governance of the Eparchy on the same day. The pious grandeur of this significant event was enhanced by the inauguration of “Bless A Home Charitable Trust” by His Grace Dr. Francis Kallarakal, Archbishop of Veropoly.

Charity in the distinctive mark of Chrisitianity, the history of Christianity in steeped in the history of charity. The social vision and mission of the Diocese of Irinjalakuda in reflected in the pastoral motto of the newly consecrated Bishop Mar Pauly Kannookadan “As you did it to the least one, you did it to me”(Mt. 25:40)

“Bless A Home Charitable Trust” is a gesture of this philanthropic vision of the Diocese. The main concern of this Trust in alleviation of poverty and liberation of the downtrodden. Our target people are the poor and marginalized families in our society. The Trust in an integrated family development programme, a participatory one in which the partner families, selected on the basis of specific criteria, are guided to self-reliance through sustainable support. It co-ordinates and governs the social, medical, educational and economic upliftment of all the under privileged people, irrespective of caste, creed, color and sex. The focus of attention will always be the integral development of the families. The selected families should open a savings bank account, the monthly assistance, Rs. 1000 will be disbursed to the Bank and this help will continue for a period of five years. The Church is entrusted with the care of the poor and hence it is the prime duty of the Church to serve the poor and the marginalized with the help of generous people. May God bless all the partners and benefactors of “Bless A Home Charitable Trust”

Apex Voluntary Agency for Rural development (AVARD)

Apex Voluntary Agency for Rural development (AVARD) Chalakudy is a joint venture of the Dicoese of Irinjalakuda and six religious congregations working therein. the AVARD is formed as an apex organisation of seven social service organisation in the diocese of Irinjalakuda.

Social Action Forum, Irinjalakuda (Reg. No. 166/83)
Kuriakose Elias Social Service Society (KESS), Thrissur (Reg.No.38/74)
Seraphic Social Centre, Vellikulangara (Reg.No.81/72)
Pavana Service Society, Chalakudy (Reg.No.264/84)
Udaya C.M.C.Educational Society, Irinjalakuda (Reg.No.212/78)
St.Thomas Craft Centre, Nadavarambu (Reg.No.254/83)
Jeevadhara, Kuttikkad (Reg.No.114/76)

The AVARD got registered on 5th March, 1986 under the provisions of the Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Societies’ Registration Act 1955. The main objective of the AVARD is the integrated development of rural areas in the entire India. It is committed to plan and execute various Programmes by itself and by collaborating with various Government and Non-government Agencies both National and International to achieve the above target. The AVARD implements all the activities through , by and with the active involvement of the target group at all levels of implementation.

1. Human Resource Developoment.
2. Health & Environment
3. Socio-Economic Development.
4. Social and Infrastructure Measures.
5. Small Scale Industries.
6. Research, Training & Documentation.

Mercy trust

Mercy trust is created for all kinds of charitable purposes which includes, relief of the poor, all kind of education, benefit of disabled persons and very poor persons of all castes and creeds by providing employment, hutment, rehabilitation, medical relief and other charitable deeds taking into consideration the local needs and any other objects of public utility not involving the carrying on of any activity for profit. At present taking into consideration the pressing need mercy trust concentrates on granting financial support for the education of youth especially for the marginalized. The fund raised by accepting donations given by persons who desire to be the Authors of the Trust and free donations received from charitably minded individuals and institutions. The trustee shall be the Catholic Bishop of Irinjalakuda (at present Rt. Rev. Dr. Pauly Kannookadan) and his successors in office and if the office of the Bishop is vacant, the Administrator of the diocese, till the Bishopric is filled up. There shall be an Advisory Committee of not more than twelve members. The trustee is to administer the Trust, in consultation with the Advisory Committee.

Social Action Forum 

SAFI registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act XII of 1955. Registration No.166/83. Social Action concerns the upliftment of the less privileged through value based awareness programmes, a process by which the marginalised and deprived group live a life of their own with dignity, self-help, self-reliance and prosperity. It helps to inculcate and uphold the basic concepts of love, justice, co-operation and brotherhood within the community. In this humanitarian service Jesus Christ, Our Master, is the source of inspiration and strength.

Objectives of Social Action Forum
1) Building up of an eco-friendly society through the optimum management of natural resources.
2) Building up of a self reliant and value based society through the formation and strengthening of Community Based Organization
3) Enhancement of the social acceptance of differentaly abled.
4) Reform the community towards the attainment of holistic health by promoting replicable models for the satisfaction of basic needs of the marginalized and the deprived.
5) Build up a self reliant and value based society through strong family bondage.
6) Document and disseminate the findings,challenges,concerns and to act as a channel for the free flow of communications between various developmental actors of the society.
7) Reform the addicts to regain their self-esteem.