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Diocesan Year Plan

03    Tue                        St. Chavara Kuriakose Elias
05    Thu                        Monthly Recollection, Presbyterium & Reception to New Priests
06     Fri                         Feast of Dhanaha, Day of Obligation, Eparchial Consultors Meeting
16-18 Mon - Wed         Newly Ordained Priests’ Diocesan Training Programme
19    Thu                        Priests’ Transfer Day,
26   Thu                         Republic Day


05   Sun                         Mercy Trust Advisory Board Meeting
09   Thu                         Monthly Recollection at Forane Level
11   Sat                          Ekopanasamithy General Body Meeting
14   Tue                         Birthday of Bp. Pauly Kannookadan
16   Thu                         Presbyteral Council
16-17Thu-Fri                 Junior priests’ Gathering
25 Sat                            Religious Priests’ Gathering
27 Mon                          Ash Monday

08-09 Wed-Thu             Sacristians’ Retreat        
O9 Thu                          Monthly Recollection at Diocesan level
11 Sat                            Pastoral Council
16 Thu                           Eparchial Consultors’ Meeting & Forane Vicars’ Meeting
25 Sat                            Accountants Meeting

08 Sat                            Minor & Major Orders  
09 Sun                           Palm Sunday                 
10 Mon                         Chrism Mass                                   
13 Thu                           Passover feast
14 Fri                             Good Friday
16 Sun                           Easter                         
18 Tue                           Episcopal Ordination of  Bp. Pauly Kannookadan
                                      Bless a Home Annual Day
23 Sun                           Puthunjayar

01 Mon                          Holy Qurbana in connection with Labourers’ Day
04 Thu                           Eparchial Consultors’ Meeting & Presbyteral Council
06 Sat                            Clerical Vestition
11 Thu                           Monthly Recollection at Diocesan Level
20 Sat                            Women Religious Superiors’ Meeting
25 Thu                           Ascension of Our Lord, Day of Obligation
29 Mon - June2  Fri       Priests’ Annual Retreat - 1st Batch

04 Sun                           Pentecost                            
05-09 Mon-Fri              Priests’ Annual Retreat -  2nd   Batch
08  Thu                          Feast of Bl. Mariyam Thresia
10   Sat                          Pastoral Council
11  Sun                          Holy Trinity, Mercy Trust Advisory Board & General Body
12-16 Mon-Fri              Priests’ Annual Retreat -  3rd Batch
17  Sat                           Ekopanasamithy General Body Meeting
22 Thu                           Erection Day of the Diocese
23 Fri                             Feast of Sacred Heart
25 Sun                           Diocesan Fasting and Prayer Day- Spirituality Centre
29 Thu                           St. Paul’s Day, Feast of Bp. Pauly Kannookadan 

03 Mon                          Dukhrana & Catechism Award Day
06 Thu                           Monthly Recollection at Diocesan Level and Presbyterium
10 Mon                         1st Death Anniversary of Bishop Mar James Pazhayattil
15 Sat                           Trustee Meeting
20 Thu                           Priests Transfer Day
26 Wed                         Family Gathering of Sacristians
27 Thu                           Eparchial Consultors’ Meeting & Forane Vicars’ Meeting
28 Fri                            Feast of St. Alphonsa 

04 Fri                             Vianney Day Celebration & Presbyterium at PACS
10 Thu                           Monthly Recollection at Forane Level
15 Tue                           Assumption of BVM & Independence Day
17 Thu                           Presbyteral Council
29 Tue                           Feast of St. Euphrasia

07 Thu                           Monthly Recollection at Forane Level
10  Sun                          Diocesan Day & Ruby Jubilee Inauguration
                                      Presbyterium & Pastoral Council
14 Thu                           Exultation of Holy Cross
14 Thu                           Eparchial Consultors’ Meeting & Forane Vicars’ Meeting
18-22 Mon-Fri              Priests’ Living and Learning 1st Batch
25-29 Mon –Fri            Priests’ Living & learning 2nd Batch

05 Thu                           Monthly Recollection
19 Thu                           Presbyterium (Living & Learning Combined Session)

01 Wed                         All Saints’ Day
02 Thu                           All Souls’ Day
09 Thu                           Priests’ Sanctification Day
11 Sat                            Ekopanasamithy
19 Sun                           Kodungalloor Pilgrimage
21 Mon                         Commemoration of St. Thomas the Apostle’s Entrance to India
23 Thu                           Eparchial  Consultors’ Meeting & Presbyteral Council

07 Thu                           Monthly Recollection at Forane Level
08 Fri                             Feast of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception
09 Sat                            Pastoral Council
10 Sun                           Mercy Trust Christmas Gathering
25  Mon                         Christmas
28  Thu                          Ordination Day of Bishop Pauly Kannookadan